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Web-based Simulator

Explore, model, simulate, and analyze dynamic control systems in our simulator.

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Bode Plot Engine

Analyze plant transfer functions & design controllers.

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S/Z Plane Relationship

See the effect of pole location in continuous and discrete time domains at the same time.

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About Control Systems Academy

Basic Info

This portal provides a number of interactive examples focused on control system theory. Crafted by researchers focused on controls of electromechanical systems, the intent is to help students and engineers "connect the dots" by showing the relationships between the frequency and time domains and to elucidate some of the more abstract control theory analysis and design concepts.

What is here?

1) A series of articles focused on control system theory are to be found here.
2) A web-based simulator suited to test out concepts right away without MatLab/Simulink installed on your machine.
3) Bode Plot Engine, a computing and plotting environment with combined symbolic and numerical inputs.
4) Many other articles focused on power electronics, motor control, and instrumentation.

This site is viewed complementary to other websites focused on control theory- because those do not have the interactive elements, which are deemed crucial to understanding the nuances of analysis and design techniques.

MatLab(©) Compatibility

Interactive demos are complemented by MatLab(©) code examples that allow the reader to readily port script to a standalone MatLab(©) application. All examples were extensively tested for 1:1 match with MatLab.

Fourier Series Demo

It is all sine waves.

System Dynamics - Time Constants

Introduction to dynamic systems.

Time Domain Scope Features

Learn to use the online interactive scope.


Proportional Controller Implementation

In MatLab, DSPs, and FPGAs.

Control System Block Diagram

The fundamentals of signal flow.

System Modeling With Transfer Functions

Introduction to dynamic systems.


Bode Plot - Interactive Pole/Zero Placement

Bode plots of low/high-pass filters, PI controller, lead/lag filters and build-your-own.

Digital Control Loops

Learn about the path from the analog domain to the discrete-time domain.

Proportional-Integral Controller: Demo

The ubiquitous PI Controller explained.

Lead / Lag Compensators

Introduction to Lead and Lag compensators. Bode plot characteristics and simulation.

2nd-order System Dynamics

Natural frequency, damping factor, pole locations, time-domain waveforms.

Feedback-path Filtering

What is the effect of feedback-path filtering on controller design?

IIR to FIR System Conversion

How can one approximate IIR systems with FIR systems?

Low-Pass Filter Discretization

Explore the discretization process of the most common IIR filter.

Final Value Theorem

Calculate the final output of any transfer function. Really any transfer function?

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